Thursday, June 6, 2013

A positive test

Looks like the fear I wrote about last time about failing at the IUI was not needed. We had a test this morning that was positive. Since it is a day early we will be doing another test tomorrow morning to confirm it, and then my wife will be doing a blood test in the morning.

I have to guess that it is only one in this pregnancy just by how the test is only turning lightly positive. In our other pregnancies the positive line would come up before the control line. We were REALLY pregnant with 4 and 2. So I am hoping beyond hope that this is just one.

I worried that I would not bond with this pregnancy because of the fear. That worry was just not needed. I am already in this emotionally. When I found out I was hesitant for only about a minute, and then I was in. I had to look up right away the size of the baby at this point and then I had to come up with a nick name for the baby. Right now I am leaning towards the nick name of Solo- as this one will be the only baby to have a solo ride in my wife the entire time. Maybe it is just hopeful thinking, but I am ok with that. Hopeful is what we need.

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